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Marina Burakova-Lorgnier Social Network, Trust and Knowledge Sharing

Марина Буракова-Лорнье --- Социальные Сети, Доверие и Обмен Знаниями

Social capital

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Marina Burakova-Lorgnier
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Marina Burakova-Lorgnier obtained a Ph.D. in social psychology (2000) from Rostov-on-Don State University, Russia. Her primary research interests covered the areas of gender studies, non-verbal behaviour and psychosemantics. She has been honoured with several grants from the McArthur Foundation, Soros Foundation & Central European University for her research in gender studies. Since 2002 she lives and works in Bordeaux, France. She currently teaches at the ECE - INSEEC business schools. Her actual research embraces social network, social capital, trust and psychological property in organisations. Dr. Burakova-Lorgnier also serves as an expert for the French Embassy in Russia.


общество, отношения, психология

Social capital

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